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Property Portal Date-Stamping Sending Mixed Messages to Buyers

Once a property is uploaded on a property portal it is date-stamped immediately and the clock starts ticking.

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7 Kitchen Décor Trends that will Stand the Test Of Times

To make your kitchen always functional, healthy & beautiful, you need to bring in some changes. Here are 7 décor trends for your kitchen.

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Living by Water is Now Top Aspiration for Younger Homebuyers

Properties in waterside locations have seen a popularity boost across the UK, driven by younger generations looking to reap the health and happiness benefits of a home by the water.

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Tips to Reduce Energy Cost and Add Value to Your Home

Reducing energy costs is closely linked to going green which is a current trend and necessity. However, going green often seems to be more expensive than we expect it to be.

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Mortgage Market Slows Ahead of Base Rate Announcement

This week could see the Bank of England further increase the base rate from its current level of 0.75%, and although a hike is not certain, the market has already begun to react.

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Use of MLS Photos in Appraisal Industry

This clip of Coest2Coest talks about the use of MLS photos and the advantages as well as disadvantages of this being a requirement when completing the appraisal report.

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Australia Tightens Lending Criteria in Favour of Reliable Borrowe

Property prices have begun to drop in all of the main Australian cities, including Sydney, causing banks to tighten up on lending.

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